After Care

There are many myths about how to get the best results on looking after your tattoo. At the end of the day everyone has there own personal preference on what works best for them. The main rule is to keep your tattoo clean an out of the sun. Every customer is given a run down on aftercare procedures after getting tattooed at our shop. Remember, listen to your tattoo artist and NOT your mates because we know what is best for your tattoo, its our job.

Foothills Tattoo after care.
*Leave plastic wrap on for a few hours after getting your tattoo.
*Once you take off the plastic wrap give it a gentle wash with warm soapy water.
*Allow it to air dry completely which could take around 1 hour or so.
*Only apply a very small amount of cream (this will vary on the size of your tattoo) you should have enough that can be rubbed into the tattoo and disappear completely not leaving an oily layer on your skin. Do not share bepanthen cream with a friend or family member.
*Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo.
*It will form a scab which will fall off naturally.
*Keep your tattoo as clean as possible, keep it out of the sun as best you can.
*No swimming or bathing whilst your tattoo is healing (showers are fine).
*Tattoos can take anywhere from 7-14 days to heal sometimes longer, this varies from person to person.
*Try to wear clean, loose fitting clothing so that it is not to rub on your tattoo.
*Please call your artist should you have any questions from here on out. Any deviance from this healing method (or what your specific artist has told you) would mean that touchups needed on the tattoo are at your expense, and due to your negligence.
*This is our artists personal and professional opinion, please don't mistake this for professional medical advice.
*If you suspect your tattoo has become infected contact us straight away on (08)95262669.